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Alloy: AlMg4,5Mn0,7 3.3547, cast plate
Temper: homogenised and stress lelieved naturally

Surface ACP 5080 GIANT: both sides precision milled
Surface ACP 5080R GIANT: sawn on all sides

ACP 5080 GIANT und ACP 5080R GIANT allow completely new manufacturing possibilities concerning construction and design. With plate dimensions of up to 560 x 2800 x 6000 mm ALIMEX is the only producer of aluminium cast plates with such "giant" dimensions.

typical mechanical properties
0,2% Yield strength Rp 0,2130 MPa
ultimate tensile strength Rm240-290 MPa
elongation A50.06
hardness65 HB
tolerance thickness+-0,1mm
surface0,64 µm Ra
physical properties
density 2,66 g/cm³
modulus of elasticity 70 GPa
thermal conductivityca. 110-140 W/m·K
coefficient of thermal expansion24,2x10-6 K-1
electric conductivityca. 16-19M/Ωmm²
from 15 mm max. 2800 x max. 6000 mm
mechanical treatment
good welding properties
(WIG MIG mit S Al5183)good drilling and turning properties
good anticorrosion properties
good anodizing (not decorative) and hard coating properties
base plates, machinery, heating plates, revolving tables, moulds, prototypes construction of jigs and fixtures

tolerances ACP 5080R GIANT ACP 5080 GIANT
surfacesawn on all sides surface finish Ra < 0,4 µm
thickness 0/+3 mm +/-0,1 mm
width for plates0/+10 mm0/+10 mm
length for plates 0/+15 mm0/+15 mm
L/W- for sized cuts 0/+5 mmDIN ISO 2768-m

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