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Alloy: AlMg4,5Mn0,7
Temper: homogenised, sawn cast block, naturally

typical mechanical properties...
0,2% Yield strength Rp 0,2130 MPa
ultimate tensile strength Rm240-300 MPa
elongation A50.06
hardness 65 HB
physical properties
density 2,66 g/cm³
modulus of elasticity 70 GPa
thermal conductivityca. 110-140 W/m·K
coeffizient of thermal expansion 24,2x10-6 K-1
electric conductivityca. 16-19M/Ωmm²
dimensionsb max. 2800 mm
20-1100 mml max. 6000 mm
mecanical Treatment
good welding propertiesgood drilling and turning properties
good anticorrosion properties
good anodizing (not decorative)
and hard coating properties
machinery, tooling, moulds, prototypes, general engineeringconstruction of jigs and fixtures, heating plates

Chemical composition (ca %)


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