Reticulation System: Type FLBRE1300

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Reticulation System: Type FLBRE1300

Reticulation System: Type FLBRE1300  successfully arrived  TATA Advanced Materials Limited in Bangalore/ India.

The honeycomb cores (aluminum or resin-soaked Nomex paper)/Skins (carbon or glass fiber reinforced plastic) are provided with a continuous adhesive film without carrier. This is necessary in order to adhere the cores/skins to each other or with a carbon fiber woven fabric. During reticulation process the adhesive film is melted by application of heat and blown up until burst with air through the holes or through the honeycomb cells. The adhesive film forms a bubble,which bursts subsequently. Due to the surface tension the ruptured bladder contracts, the adhesive bead accumulates at honeycomb webs or holes get free for skins.

Wir wish all employees at TATA much success at work.

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