Alongside well-known processes such as Teflon®PTFE, the right choice of coating makes it possible to attain optimal properties for your workpiece.

Coatings from this segment can therefore offer far more than they are generally given credit for! In addition to the familiar non-stick or improved lubrication properties, corrosion protection (EDLON PFA, E-CTFE Halar®) or resistance to mechanical influences and chemical resistance to practically all media (ETFE, PTFE, PFA) can also be attained. Operating temperatures of the coated parts lie between 150 and 270°C, depending on the type of coating.

The minimum and maximum component size is practically unlimited, from miniatures measuring a few millimetres up to giants of 7x5x5m or 9x2.5x2.5m. The new ChemResist, rotational, sinter-lining coating method allows complex parts to be coated.

This innovative method offers both cost savings and weight reductions in the lining of reactors, pipelines and vessels.

Teflon® PTFE
Edlon PFA

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